My latest addiction – Pinterest

I have no idea what took me so long to get on the proverbial bandwagon, but I am hooked. Pinterest is heaven for people who are constantly on the lookout for creative inspiration. In the two weeks that I have been on Pinterest, I have managed to create about 10 different boards, discovering a little bit more about myself all along the way. It has become my favorite past time when I’m sitting up with the little one after her night time feedings. As of today, I have exactly 244 pins ranging over a variety of topics – parenting, recipes, writing, photography and landscapes.

One problem with my Pinterest addiction is that I am always on the hunt for ideas, but leaving myself no time to try out any of those. So, I will be trying some mini projects over the next few days. I’m making a deal with myself – to ‘earn’ any more pins, I need to start working on one of my existing pins. To this end, my first mini project will be to utilize the 25 writing prompts I have pinned from this website –

Wish me luck!


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